Beatrice Naujalyte

Social Media Project – New Band Member Introduction Photoshoots

Social Media Project – New Band Member Introduction Photoshoots

"Get to know me."

Directed by: Beatrice Naujalyte

At the start of the 2022-23 school year, 12 new band members were auditioned and accepted into the IE University Music Club band, bringing the total count to 17. To help them feel welcome, I coordinated an ambitious project: 17 individual photoshoots and social media posts.

The idea

Instead of a single group photoshoot, the concept of individual introductions served a double purpose:

  1. It would give each new band member the full spotlight for a day and make them feel appreciated.
  2. Each member would repost their feature to friends and family so that they would follow along with the Music Club account for the rest of the year.

The photoshoots

Wanting each photoshoot to represent the band member as an individual, I allowed them to choose their own photoshoot location. I encouraged them to shoot in an environment they were comfortable in or familiar with – whether that be their apartment or our university campus. I used a Google Forms survey with a Calendly link to automate the scheduling of the 30-minute shoots.

In addition to the photos, I offered them 45 fun “get to know me” questions and chose my favorite answers from each person to create a unique, handwritten survey. This gave them the space to express themselves not only through their answers, but through how they chose to doodle on their papers.

Social Media

A few images from each shoot and the scanned survey were compiled into a carousel post, posted one per day.